What We Hear From Our Clients

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Testimony_1271584849nl8D61Astro Movers has expert professionals who have managed to satisfy hundreds of clients and made the process a little easier for them. We have catered to professionals, individuals, families, corporates and government entities. Also, we have a great rapport with all our clients who have been kind enough to express their opinions and tell us their experience with us. We have testimonies from individuals, corporate representatives and others who have been a part of our journey. When in doubt, please feel free to go through the reviews and testimonies our dear customers have made on our services.


We have been able to reach out to 900+ destinations and hundreds of customers worldwide. We have delivered excellent performance in countries from all the continents. Our clients have believed in our capabilities and many of them have even come back to us to get help again.


These are the things that we have heard from our customers:


Ruby –
Moving has never been so easy and stress free. They were focused and they were really helpful. They are well trained and they can handle just anything in your house.

Kevin –
Astro Movers are just so comfortable to work with. It was my first moving experience and they made it seem so easy. They guide you well and suggest the appropriate measures for efficient completion of the task. Also, their cost effective methods are really helpful.

Camila –
I’m a student and I had to move to another country for my educational purposes. Astro Movers did their best to make my job easy and hassle free. They made sure they delivered my good on time and more importantly, safely. I would definitely work with them the next time I move.

Ann –
It was my international move and I am very much satisfied with the service. I must recommend it to others who may need any moving service.

Diego –
They are punctual and user friendly. They work towards proving comfortable and affordable moving and packaging services and are really professional in their job. Though they are very focused, they are also very kind and helpful. They did a wonderful job helping my family move.

Suzan –
It was my fourth move in last ten years. I found the crew professional, efficient yet friendly. I will consult them again for my next move.

David –
I had asked for their services to shift my office from one place to another. They came on time and packed away the stuff almost quickly and went on to set my new office in a matter of hours. It was a clean job and they are simply amazing. I found no problem working with them.

Ronald –

They are really careful and focused about what they do. They are well trained and are really helpful. They were a blessing in disguise to me as I constantly move. My search for movers and packers end here. I’ve found the perfect match for my requirements.

Charlie –
I would definitely recommend them to all my friends and relatives who wish to move. Such an amazing team to work with. So calm and friendly they are. Working with them has made my life easier. Thank you Astro Movers. Keep doing the great job!!

Jason –
They shall always be the first organisation I’ll look up to when I am thinking of relocation.

Rebecca –
These guys are really helpful and they know what they are doing. They did an impeccable job when I was moving. Thankyou Astro Movers.

James –
We were relocating to USA and Astro Movers did an amazing job with this. They handled all the paperwork and we got our things on time and they were good to go. No damages whatsoever.

Juliana –
Our organisation had to shift to a new building a few blocks away from where we were an we had to find someone who would actually help us and we were not willing to pay so much. We stumbled upon Astro Movers and we got of job done and dusted in no time. And also, we didn’t spend so much.

Michael –
Moving to a new place constantly has now become a part of my life. I had to find someone reliable and someone I could ask for help for the next few years. I’m happy to have found Astro Movers.

Sheeba –
Moving has never been easy until we saw Astro Movers in action. They are brilliant. They work like magic!!

Zhang Wei –
Think of Astro Movers when you think of moving. Had a great time working with them. They are the best!

Dale –
I have worked with them twice on 2 different scenarios. They are unbeatable in quality and assurance. Will definitely work with them again. They shall always be on my best list. Great Job!

Laurie –
Moving is stressful but these guys are really professionals to handle the move safely. Thank you.

Johnson –
Relocation seems to be hassle for me but I am thankful to Astro Movers as they make it hassle free.

Julie –
They are professionals and they carry my luggage very carefully. They are experienced and immediate.

Ann –
It was my international move and I am very much satisfied with the service. I must recommend it to others who may need any moving service.

Christan –
“They gave me an appointment to initiate moving at 8:30am and they were on time. They were so fast that they completed moving of 1 bedroom in just 3 hours. Everything was settled at my destination by 11:30 am. Thanks.

Susan –
“It was my fourth move in last ten years. I found the crew professional, efficient yet friendly. I will consult them again for my next move.

They are fast and affordable.

Robert –
They did all the moving carefully. They are reliable and affordable.

Robertson –
My wife was little bit tensed about moving alone. She asked me to contact any reliable moving company. I found Astro Movers best for this move. They deal with the whole situation professionally. My wife did it alone with the help of Astro Movers. Good Job!

Nandes –
They did a great job for moving my office equipment from 1st floor to 8th floor in just two hours. Their work is really appreciable. I must say thanks to their crew.

Kramer –
Wow! They solved my moving problem in a few hours. I am really grateful to Astro Movers for serving me professionally.

I was bit confused for moving my factory to London, but Astro Movers have made it all possible. They sent my equipments including expensive machinery very carefully on time. Thanks!