Moving to France

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Moving to France from Singapore is Easy with Astro Movers

Destination_France1Moving to France from Singapore may seem like a tedious task. However, we, at Astro Worldwide Movers, will help make the transition easier. Before moving to France, let us provide you with a few facts on what you will come across.


France faces different weather conditions over short distances. It has beaches and mountains and various different terrains. The summer season can get very hot and you will need to beat the heat. During winter you can vacation in the Alps and have a family ski trip planned out.


Although French is the national language, English is widely spoken here, specifically in Paris. The population is largely made-up of America and British expats so you will definitely make friends in no time.


Our Excellent Services

Since moving from Singapore to France can be frustrating we help make the task much easier. We provide the best services for packing and transporting your goods. Well packed items are less prone to damage, and we guarantee that we will take the uttermost care in the proper management of your shipment.


Our packing materials are of extremely high quality. While having break-free cartons, we pair it up with anti-static bubble wrap and packing peanuts to ensure little or no damage during the trip from Singapore to France. We attend to items of various sizes, densities, and weights.


No matter whether it is your commercial or residential move, we will be there to assist you and serve you with quality relocating and removal services. If you are moving to France or any part of the world, we will surely be your first choice!


We also offer the following service options:

  • Shipping “Boxes Only” Service
  • Crate Building (Artwork, Fragile Items)
  • Pets
  • Dedicated Shipping Container (20ft or 40ft)
  • Part Pack – (Just fragile items)
  • Export Wrap
  • Shipping Cars, Motorbikes.
  • Air Freight
  • Part Load (Not a full shipping container)
  • Packing Service


It is necessary to create a list that includes every item packed. We, therefore, request you that if you intend to pack the items yourself, create a comprehensive list and hand it over to us. If required, we can even help disassemble your goods at your new home or office before your arrival. If you wish to have your goods stored, we provide warehousing facilities. Our charges are economical and will not burn a hole in your pocket.


Export Documentation

Other than the inventory list of the packed items, it is necessary to have the right documents for export. As your international movers, we take it into our hands to get the documents processed and cleared. We are well-versed with this process. Once this is done, it is deemed legal to export your goods to the required destination.


You will also need to provide us with a copy of your passport, your contact details, and your shipping address. We will assure to deliver all your goods at the same time.


For assistance and queries regarding moving from Singapore to France, you can contact us via our email, and our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.