Moving to South Korea

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Enjoy Seamless Relocation to South Korea

Destination_SouthKorea1South Korea is the southern half of the Korean peninsula. Like most Asian countries, the weather is pretty much mundane and is categorized into four seasons throughout the year; spring, a wet summer, autumn and a cold, snowy winter. It is much warmer along the coast.


We, at Astro Worldwide Movers, are proclaimed to be the best at managing shipping and delivery through all sorts of weather conditions. So if you plan on moving to South Korea from Singapore, contact us to be your relocation partner. We will provide you with stress-free shipping and will leave you completely satisfied. We are well-versed in catering to the moving needs of our clients.


Reliable Relocation Techniques

As international movers, it does not matter which city you intend on moving to. Our team is always willing to help under every circumstance. They are well-organized and carry-out the packing in a professional manner.


We provide quality service while packing, as well as while delivering the shipment. We use the latest and best quality packing materials that are weather-durable and highly effective in protecting your goods from any kind of damage. Moving from Singapore to South Korea is not going to be an easy task without us. We assure safe transport and management of every type of article.


No matter whether it is your commercial or residential move, we will be there to assist you and serve you with quality relocating and removal services. If you are moving to South Korea or any part of the world, we will surely be your first choice!


We also offer the following service options:

  • Export Wrap
  • Air Freight
  • Shipping Cars, Motorbikes.
  • Part Load (Not a full shipping container)
  • Packing Service
  • Crate Building (Artwork, Fragile Items)
  • Pets
  • Shipping “Boxes Only” Service
  • Dedicated Shipping Container (20ft or 40ft)
  • Part Pack – (Just fragile items)


What We Do for You

Exporting to another country is not something to be taken lightly. There are rules that need to be followed. It is important to have a customs form filled up in order to legally conduct any shipping. We also maintain a packing list that states all the items that have been packed for export. Clients who do the packing themselves will have to do the same and submit it to us, prior to the packing and submission of the custom form.


You will also need to submit a copy of your passport, along with your contact details, and your shipping address.


Contact Us Right Away!

Whenever you plan on moving from Singapore to South Korea, think of us. You can email us for any guidance or assistance to