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With more than 900 global destinations and 20 years of successful moving profile, Astro Movers make relocation a vivid experience for expatriates. Moving since 1988, Astro Worldwide Movers has become a signature moving service of Singapore. We are a leading source for mobile relocating from anywhere to everywhere! Got excellent astro movers review by satisfied customers.

Astro Movers have ideally designed International Moving services for
individuals, corporations and families. Since, we have become an
internationally renowned source for worldwide moving and relocating;
we have been serving to government agencies, locals as well as
multinational organizations.

Internationally Renowned Source for Worldwide Moving & Relocating

Working for more than two decades our network is underpinned with
professionalism, standard and customization. Every service and its distinctive elements are carefully planned for customer’s satisfaction. Keeping in mind every aspect of moving; Astro Movers work as a team of freight forwarders to process your move in an organized way.

We are a Singapore based Moving Company recognized as International movers Singapore. Our freight forwarder team experts will help you with moving, packing and storage. We are serving global clientele and are indeed, a hassle free movers and packers with International shipping standards and is why a trusted name in the International market. We have number of good astro movers review by our customers.

Trusted Singapore Moving

We plan your moving in a personalized way to give you the privilege to enjoy our cost effective service packages. As international movers Singapore, We know exactly what are your needs and requirements and to eliminate chances of wastage, we consider it all! As a moving alliance our services are seamless.

Astro Worldwide Movers is yet another active member of HHGFA (Household Goods Forwarders Association) and AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association). We are qualified, certified and trained professional mover professionals to coordinate every move. From your old destination to new, we step ahead of you. One of our experts will assist you at every step while planning for you and making possible arrangements for packing, shipping, storage and moving.


Our network is well-connected and well-organized just as you like for your move. We make the most of every resource available to ensure a hassle free venture. As a trusted Singapore moving company we take good care of your households and goods. With our best shipping, packing and storage services we insure safe relocation with mobility.

Our network is well-connected and well-organized, ideal for your move. We make the most of every resource available to ensure a hassle-free venture. As a trusted
Singapore moving company, we take good care of your household and goods. With our best shipping, packing and storage services we ensure safe relocation with

We welcome you at Astro Movers and assure pampering all your moving needs under our roof. As a standard international moving services Singapore we are now dealing in more than 900 local and international destinations. USA, Germany, UK, France, Canada, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Netherlands, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, UAE, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam and to other Worldwide destinations. We review the things, make plan and perform accordingly as per the requirement.

We are the top notch moving company Singapore and counted as the best moving company. The aim of our movers and packers Singapore services are customers’ satisfaction. We work with full dedication to provide you safe, cost effective, timely, and trustworthy relocation services. You can find us in Google by searching international moving services singapore. We have a great success rate. We have a number of positive astro movers review. Now, relocation is not a difficult task for you, as Astro movers is here to assist you throughout your relocation journey. Contact us now to get detailed information regarding our service, price and package.