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With more than 900 global destinations and 20 years of successful moving profile, Astro Movers make relocation a vivid experience for expatriates. Moving since 1988, Astro Worldwide Movers has become a signature moving service of Singapore. We are a leading source for mobile relocating from anywhere to everywhere! Got excellent astro movers review by satisfied customers.

Astro Movers have ideally designed International Moving services for
individuals, corporations and families. Since, we have become an
internationally renowned source for worldwide moving and relocating;
we have been serving to government agencies, locals as well as
multinational organizations.


Best international movers Singapore Services – Astro Worldwide Movers

Your international move includes:

International Moving Consultation

Astro Worldwide Movers understand overall international moving as well as seamless logistics solutions for the recommend services to develop end-to-end logistics requirements for your entire move requirements at the most affordable budget. As moving to another country is very challenging and thus, get the support of the most suitable Moving Company Singapore for the affairs in your native country and so on. Our perfect service provider takes extreme care of all your moving requirements to keep all your stress away from many aspects while changing countries. If you are interested to choose our International Moving Services Singapore, always remember that we are entirely liable of your belongings and thus, take supreme care.

Customs Clearance Management

Amidst all the regulatory compliance, trade volumes, and other comprehensive custom clearance, have emerged as one of the primary challenges for many logistics service providers across the world. As the Best international movers Singapore, we encourage trade policies worldwide to offer myriad of opportunities for the customers for cross-border mover service. Your only move consultant will assist all the digital Customs filing and accommodates, and solve the complexities of the customs documentation process, along with the access you to identify restricted compliance.

Full Packing & Storage

There are different kinds of Movers and packers that understand and employ various types of packaging that are the best suited as per the products as well as budget. At Astro Worldwide Movers, we take care of everything and guide you to introduce with approximate price, advantages, drawbacks, and many other information. To help our customers, we streamline all the customs clearance process, and other packing services for all the belongings within the move cost. There are several types of packaging that we as an International Moving Services Singapore deploy, and they are:

  1. Rigid Boxes
  2. Paperboard
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  1. Chipboard
  2. Cotton
  3. Foil Sealed Bags
  • Plastics
  • Envelopes / Bubble Mailers

Property Protection

We are the renowned Movers and Packers Singapore that go to any extent to make sure that your packages transfer with utmost care. With every international move, it is pertinent for us to put more emphasize and safeguard all your belongings. With us, there are limited chances of unexpected loss and any such damage of your belongings.

Internationally Renowned Source for Worldwide Moving & Relocating

Working for more than two decades our network is underpinned with
professionalism, standard and customization. Every service and its distinctive elements are carefully planned for customer’s satisfaction. Keeping in mind every aspect of moving; Astro Movers work as a team of freight forwarders to process your move in an organized way.

We are a Singapore based Moving Company and very well recognized. Our freight forwarder team experts will help you with moving, packing and storage. We are serving global clientele and are indeed, a hassle free movers and packers with International shipping standards and is why a trusted name in the International market. We have number of good astro movers review by our customers.

Internationally Renowned Source for Worldwide Moving & Relocating

Find out more about Astro Worldwide Movers for your International move.

Pre-Move Consultation
Unlike other Moving companies, we take complete care from consultation to delivery of the entire package to the desired address. Due to the effective pre-move consultation, we are known as the best Moving Company Singapore, and thus, whatever you are required to shift or relocate, get us to help you with optimum craftsmanship. Moreover, our team of experts will guide you thoroughly regarding all the aspects that are related to the international borders, and also offer various option to choose from for a seamless international move.

Book Your Move
Well, try to book the necessary quotes as soon as possible, as we are the most popular Moving Company Singapore that is constantly striving to stay before the crowd. We are not wannabes, and thus, get the appointment now with our managers to prepare the best strategic plan, and invest your energy and thoughts in other significant areas. We are the most trusted International Moving Services Singapore that manages everything from packing to customs clearance.

Move Management
Indubitably, moving your home is a challenging task that need supreme amount of focus and cost. With Movers and Packers Singapore, our experts, just set your mind on professional moving assistance, and relax! we make an informed decision about everything and set an exemplary event for the customer. There are various kinds of move management services we offer to represent our company as the best international moving company, and they are local moving, long-distance moving, International moving, Commercial moving, Partial moving services and more.

Packing and Loading

Here we take high-end protection measure for each of your belongings. We imply enhanced professional way for packing, am thus, we initiate proper padding for your customers, protect the walls, cover the door frames, banisters, systematic box packing, and more. Give a call to our professionals and wait to watch the better ways to shift your entire house with ease.

Ultimate International moving Service
Know more about the freight forwarder’s role and also discuss with our International Moving Services Singapore department thoroughly regarding the suitable mode to deliver to the defined address.

Freight forwarder:

Shipper and consignee: These commercial arrangements are mostly preferred by our customers, but still we as a responsible Movers and Packers Singapore service provider, we try to organize and monitor the transportation of all your belongings, starting from your house to your business warehouse.

Shipper and consignee:

At Astro Worldwide Movers, we try to put our best to keep the brand intact and thus, as the renowned Movers and Packers Singapore, we take optimum care of your precious belonging. Thus, for the best experience with our team of Moving Company Singapore, we offer suitable and designed commercial shipment arrangement to get the safe delivery of the belonging in the desired destination.


We strive to offer perfect freight forwarder solution to transport one or more than one container to your doorstep. Our people who are involved in the trucker solution are highly professional and denote extra precaution to guarantee proper delivery. As the rewarded International Movers and Packers, we offer you the most secure as well as flexible moving services to any part of the globe.

Trusted Singapore Moving

We plan your moving in a personalized way to give you the privilege to enjoy our cost effective service packages. We know exactly what are your needs and requirements and to eliminate chances of wastage, we consider it all! As a moving alliance our services are seamless.

Astro Worldwide Movers is yet another active member of HHGFA (Household Goods Forwarders Association) and AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association). We are qualified, certified and trained professional mover professionals to coordinate every move. From your old destination to new, we step ahead of you. One of our experts will assist you at every step while planning for you and making possible arrangements for packing, shipping, storage and moving.


Why Choose US?

Relocating is challenging! Whether it is your business or home to shift or just moving internationally, the overall process is tedious. Astro Worldwide Movers comes exactly that point where you need the most secured services. For the new destination,, Astro Worldwide Movers has been renowned to enable a formidable position in terms of expertise in packing and moving. We put everything to assist our customers with the policies and strategies, and also follow several stages to facilitate your relocation. Our experienced professionals ensured prompt and safe delivery of belongings and hassle-free consignments move to the patrons.

Premium Quality
Reputation Matters, and so we make sure to stay ahead of the crowd by providing a varied range of packing, moving and logistics solutions- For premium experience, get our trusted and outstanding services for household as well as commercial move with thorough coordination and execution transfer. The need for highly professional and trained International Movers is steadily growing now a day due to globalization and more off-chore opportunities for the expatriates to explore. Astro Worldwide Movers always offer great support and also, offers with quality and safe relocation with total customer satisfaction.

Expertise matters and so is the experience! We are considered as the most renowned and professional international movers that will help you to get settle to the new shore with great hopes. You can count to our amazing experience as we are the Best international movers Singapore for your belongings, starting from household items to commercial amenities. Moreover, we do understand the basic needs of our clients, as each client is different and so is the requirement. Thus, we customize to the best as per the location, and also the fundamentals of requirement. Astro Worldwide Movers also believe in offering personalized service based on the international standards and policies optimum care and concern to all your moving.

Reliable and Expert team
Still wondering to select us for your international move! We got you covered. Our team of experts from Astro Worldwide Movers is completely devoted to provide ultimate service within lowest price estimation. Relocating is fun and also, challenging, but we as a team are the best Moving Company Singapore that safeguards every complication that can hinder your move and also, manages meticulous upfront plan. The entire team of Company is highly professional to devote and manage international moving process, so that you can be sure of having the best time and also, promise to serve the best services from them.

Affordable High-End services
Cost – effective services are the optimum aim that we promise to serve each time to our customers. Astro Worldwide Movers are experienced and deal with all kinds of complexities while moving your precious belongings actively, as they are highly committed and prepared towards offering a diversified support as well as wide spectrum of International Movers Singapore. We are a company affiliated to the association of international movers and our reach worldwide is very large.

Our network is well-connected and well-organized just as you like for your move. We make the most of every resource available to ensure a hassle free venture. As a trusted Singapore moving company we take good care of your households and goods. With our best shipping, packing and storage services we insure safe relocation with mobility.

Our network is well-connected and well-organized, ideal for your move. We make the most of every resource available to ensure a hassle-free venture. As a trusted
Singapore moving company, we take good care of your household and goods. With our best shipping, packing and storage services we ensure safe relocation with

We welcome you at Astro Movers and assure pampering all your moving needs under our roof. As a standard international moving services Singapore we are now dealing in more than 900 local and international destinations. USA, Germany, UK, France, Canada, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Netherlands, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, UAE, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam and to other Worldwide destinations. We review the things, make plan and perform accordingly as per the requirement.

We are the top notch moving company Singapore and counted as the best moving company. The aim of our movers and packers Singapore services and international removals Singapore services are customers’ satisfaction. We work with full dedication to provide you safe, cost effective, timely, and trustworthy relocation services. You can find us in Google by searching international moving services singapore. We have a great success rate. We have a number of positive astro movers review. Now, relocation is not a difficult task for you, as Astro movers is here to assist you throughout your relocation journey. Contact us now to get detailed information regarding our service, price and package.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q 1. Why Choose Astro Movers ?

Ans – At Astro Movers, we are proud to provide our customers with affordable, efficient, and reliable moving service within Singapore and Worldwide. We have a team of professional movers who can provide you bespoke moving services. This makes us one of the most sought-after movers and airfreight companies in Singapore.

Q 2 – How Can I Get a Quote from Astro Movers ?

Ans – We have made it simple for our customers to get a quote from us. You can fill out the online enquiry form and we will revert as quickly as possible. In case you are in a hurry, get in touch with us via phone or email. Our representatives will visit your home to provide you a no-obligation quote for the removal. If the move is a large one, we suggest that you opt for our fixed-rate price as it will take a couple or more days to pack and move the items from your home.

Q 3 – What Does Astro Movers Base Its Quotes On?

Ans – We consider the following things to quote for a removal: • Where your home is located • The distance of the move if it is a local move • How difficult and complex the move is • How far is the parking space from the front entrance • How many vehicles the remove requires and the capacity of each vehicle • How labour-intensive the move is • Whether you require a hoist for removing heavy items, like a grand piano • Whether you require removal through the windows Astro Movers offers assembling and dismantling services. However, anything extra, such as packaging, storage, overseas shipping, removal of waste, and packaging materials, is charged based on our in-house costing.

Q 4 – How Much Notice Do I Need to Give Astro Movers Before an Impending Move?

Ans – We try and accommodate our customers and are flexible about things. If we are not doing another move, we would be more than happy to finish your move the next day. Nonetheless, to book your slot and to ensure we have the vehicles and manpower, we require you to give us about two to four weeks’ notice. If you have planned your move during peak periods, such as holiday weekends and the festival season, we recommend you book your move with us two to three months in advance.

Q 5 – What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Ans – We accept Cash, Cheque, Credit Card and Bank Transfers.

Q 6 – Do I Need to Prepare for the Movers?

Ans – While we do not want you to do anything special, we would still request you to keep essential items, like towels, toothpaste, clothes, and linen, and items of sentimental value away. You can put them separately and point out that those items are not for packing. We would also like you to point out which items are important and fragile so that we take the utmost care while packing and moving them out of your home.

Q 7 – How Can I Book my personal effects for Overseas Shipping?

Ans – After we provide you with a formal quote for your overseas move, we will make sure that you get the necessary documents to arrange the shipping. The shipment will require a scanned copy of your passport, customs documentation for the place you are shipping the items to, and a complete custom inventory of the items.

Q 8 – What is Included in the Shipping Rate?

Ans – Our shipping rate includes the collection of the packed items, delivery to the export agent, shipment in a shared container to the destination, terminal handling charges, clearing the goods at the destination port, and delivering the goods to your address at the destination. Custom charges, duties, taxes, and incidental fees are additional and not part of the shipping rate.

Q 9 – Will I Have to Pay Customs Fees for Overseas Shipping?

Ans – You may incur customs fees at the destination port. You are responsible for paying this fee. Our shipping rate does not include import duties, taxes, or any other monies paid to government authorities. Most countries levy duty, inspection fees, and other fees based on their rules and regulations. Hence, you should check out this information beforehand.