Moving to Taiwan

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Moving to the Heart of Asia: Taiwan

Destination_Taiwan1Thousands of people migrate to Taiwan every year. Its fast-growing economy draws in all those with financial dreams. If you plan on pursuing the same dream and moving to Taiwan from Singapore then hiring us would be the best choice you make. Our services are affordable and budget-friendly.


Experienced international movers like us are prepared to handle any sort of hindrance when it comes to the safety of your shipment. Taiwan has a sub-tropical climate, so rain is definitely something you need to think about. Thankfully, we use weather durable packing boxes that will keep your cargo safe and unharmed.


Concern-free Shipping

Since you are most likely to be subjected to rainy weather conditions, we at Astro worldwide movers, go the extra length to ensure the safety of your goods. We use durable packing materials like break-free cartons, anti-static bubble wrap, and packing peanuts to create a safe shell for your household or commercial items.


We accept goods of any size, weight, and material as we are well equipped in handling most, if not all, types of shipments. We have specialized personnel who are experienced in packing everything in order and in the best possible way. We also provide blankets and cushions to help secure fragile items that are likely to break. We undertake the unpacking of goods into your home before you arrive, as well as provide warehousing facilities in case there’s any inconvenience.


No matter whether it is your commercial or residential move, we will be there to assist you and serve you with quality relocating and removal services. If you are moving to Taiwan or any part of the world, we will surely be your first choice!


We also offer the following service options:

  • Export Wrap
  • Air Freight
  • Shipping Cars, Motorbikes.
  • Part Load (Not a full shipping container)
  • Packing Service
  • Crate Building (Artwork, Fragile Items)
  • Pets
  • Shipping “Boxes Only” Service
  • Dedicated Shipping Container (20ft or 40ft)
  • Part Pack – (Just fragile items)


As members of the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) and Household Goods Forwarders Association (HHGFA), we function only under the code of practice stipulated by these associations.


Doing Things, the Right Way

Other than taking special care to ensure the safety of your household items, we take special precautions in making sure that we legally export the items to another country. Our staff will help in filling out the necessary documents and get them processed for you in time for your relocation. Prior to this, it is important to make an inventory list of all the items that are to be shipped. We ask you to provide us with the same in case you plan on packing the item yourself.


You will also need to submit to us a copy of your passport, contact details, and the shipping address. We promise to deliver the shipped items to your home in the time allotted.


Contact Us Right Now

If you have any questions or queries, our experts will immediately attend to you. Send in your requests via email at Moving from Singapore to Taiwanwill seem easier when you have us as your international movers.