Moving To USA From Singapore

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Living the American Dream in the United States of America

Moving to usa,Shipping to USAThe United States of America brings in the highest rate of migrants. It is the most favored destination for people all over the world. It offers a standard lifestyle, and there are job opportunities for every kind of person.


Since it covers such a vast area, it is home to almost every season there is. If you are looking for hot weather you have come to the right place. America offers a temperate climate and most places do not go below 15 degrees Celsius all through the year.


If you plan on moving to the United States of America contact us, at Astro Worldwide Movers, and we will help you with all your packing and transportation needs.


Withstanding the Weather

As international movers, we are experienced in dealing with all weather conditions. Our packing materials are known to be durable and withstand all kinds of weather. You can be assured that there won’t be any water or heat damage inflicted on your shipped items. We use the best quality material and cartons. We are experts in packing, storage and even providing custom clearance.


No matter whether it is your commercial or residential move, we will be there to assist you and serve you with quality relocating and removal services. If you are moving to the United States of America from Singapore or any part of the world, we will surely be your first choice!


We also offer the following service options:

  • Shipping “Boxes Only” Service
  • Dedicated Shipping Container (20ft or 40ft)
  • Part Pack – (Just fragile items)
  • Export Wrap
  • Air Freight
  • Shipping Cars, Motorbikes.
  • Part Load (Not a full shipping container)
  • Packing Service
  • Crate Building (Artwork, Fragile Items)
  • Pets


We use the best packing materials that include break-free cartons and anti-static bubble wrap. Extreme precaution is taken for the transport of delicate items. Blankets and cushions will be provided for extremely fragile articles. We go to the extent of even unpacking your goods if requested and set them up for you prior to your arrival.


Important Procedures to Note

It is also important to note that you need to have the proper set of documents to export any kinds of shipments into another country. We help and assist you in submitting these documents and thus avoiding any sort of inconvenience.


Before packing the items, an inventory list has to be made and we therefore request you that if you are packing the items yourself, to hand the above said list to us before submitting the documents of export. Other than this, you will need to give us a copy of your passport, your contact details, as well as the shipping address.


Contact Us Now

To avail the best offers and budget-friendly rates contact us, at Astro Worldwide Movers, whenever you plan on moving from Singapore to the United States of America or any other country. You can reach us at