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Astro Worldwide Movers is entirely based on the notion of serving expatriates with its absolute services. We are a Singapore brand, globally recognized and placed ourselves among the top relocation companies Singapore. We are different from other moving companies as we believe in distinction, customer satisfaction and customization.

Astro Worldwide Movers offers door-to-door moving services according to your needs. We make moving a personalized experience for our customers! With Astro experts you can easily pack your bags for a new and exciting venture!


Our experts are professional and trained international movers and packers who can easily manage and care for your belongings. Apart of all, we are the people who know moving well enough to coordinate your move until you are settled at the new place.

Moreover, we are highly cost effective for all our customers. As per your requirement, our international moving company will plan your move or, packing and so as the pricing package. It depends on your relocation;either you want domestic moving service or international moving service.

Packing, for instance, we use bubble wraps for glass and other delicate stuff. Furniture is moved with extra carding facility and for metal goods we use acid free napkins to wrap them without
damaging the polish. Heavy packages are
loaded first to support the other items and to avoid breaking any. As loading and packing are true soul of moving, similarly shipping the items is another important aspect of risk-free moving.


Relocation Companies Singapore – Begin a new life with the help of relocation services

If you are moving just a few blocks away then the task is simple. The real trouble starts when you have plans to move to an international location. This task is time taking and very troublesome. You have to make many elaborate arrangements. After approaching the Relocation Companies Singapore you can reduce the workload in the best possible manner. The experts know how to complete the work in a flawless manner. The companies helping with international relocation have the best resources in terms of manpower and material.

There are so many tasks that must be done before you are planning to relocate. As a responsible man, you must follow all ethics. Clear all your bills and make necessary arrangements so as to ensure flawless relocation. Expert help has the power to do difficult tasks in a short span of time. They have the best resources and thus you can easily do the tough tasks in a small time frame. One of the most difficult tasks is packing the items. When the items are to be sent to an overseas location, the task of packing should be done in a flawless manner. Hire the service of Relocation Companies Singapore so as to ensure the complete safety of the objects.

If you have decided to move to a different location, take out sometime and make necessary arrangements. Take a leave of a few days so as to make all necessary arrangements. Make a list of important items and keep out the objects that are no longer required as they are broken or have turned obsolete. All such appliances that have become obsolete and no longer required in future must be given away. Do not carry such items that are no longer required. They will only occupy unnecessary space at your new location. Just take help from the Relocation Companies Singapore to get the best results.

You must take care of the paperwork. While moving to a foreign country, it is important to take care of the paperwork. You must work according to the rules and regulations. The companies helping with international relocation have better and superior resources. They have a trained team. All your items will arrive at the target destination within time. Just confirm from the experts about insurance and other aspects. Clear everything from your side.

Our experts and professional crew will take care of all these processes. Your valuables are valuable for us too! Now relocation is quite easy for you with our International relocation services Singapore.

We (International relocation company in Singapore) are the leading Singapore relocation company that is registered to AMSA and HHGFAA. With Astro Movers, you can move with a peace of mind ! We are one of the best relocation companies Singapore. Contact us today for detailed information.

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