Are you are planning to relocate to Malaysia? It is a popular destination for expatriates and a brilliant country to live in. To make the most of your expat experience, take time to be well-prepared before heading off to Malaysia. Astro movers will ensure your relocating expertise is worth-fulfilling.

Malaysia is a traditional nation that depends on resource exports and currently striving to expand its economy in sectors such as tourism, science, medical tourism and even commerce which will increase expat employment opportunities.

Malaysia, a Southeast Asian nation has a long history of both immigration and colonization with a mix of cultures and nationalists; the country offers expatriates a lifestyle full of first-class comforts and conveniences. Besides, it has many natural and accessible jungles and island getaways that provide a great sense of adventure.

Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia and it is a cultural, economic and financial center of the nation. It is also a major hub for air travel. The town had many skyscrapers, beautiful Dutch architecture and packed with luxurious restaurants, shopping malls, and colorful markets. It is the most convenient place to live for those expatriates who love shopping.

If you are planning to travel within Malaysia, you will not spend much, and it is generally cheap and easy, especially within Peninsula Malaysia. The country has a broad road and rail network making it compelling to travel from one city to the other. Regarding health care, the nation has an affordable public healthcare system with various world-class private facilities available.

Furthermore, the presence of international schools in Kuala Lumpur will offer high quality education for your kids unlike in Singapore and other surrounding cities. Another primary advantage to the expat lifestyle in the country is the cuisine that reflects the various ethnic groups present in Malaysia. The main influences come from the Chinese and Indian immigrants.

Malaysia has two regions that are separated by the South China Sea: East Malaysia and Peninsular Malaysia, but its landscape and climate are relatively similar in all areas. The nation has an equatorial climate with the Southeast monsoon experienced from April to October and the Northeast monsoon from October to February. Both parts of the country have similar geographical characteristics that consist of mountains and coastal plains rising to hills.

If you need moving services to Malaysia, there are a number of required documents you should plan to have including:

  1. Passport
  2. Work Permit
  3. Visa (for both employment and residence in Malaysia)
  4. Letter from your employer in Malaysia stating the specific reason for import, job function and approximate length of stay
  5. Letter of Authorization to Destination Agent, signed by customer, for your shipment to be cleared

There is a lot to think about as you plan an overseas move to Malaysia or some other destination worldwide. Astro movers will ensure your moving experience is worth-filling. With 20 years of experience moving expatriates to Malaysia, you are guaranteed of top quality services.