Tips to Prepare Your Cargo for International Shipping


When it comes to packaging goods for international shipping many companies make mistakes that result in damage of their goods on the way and return from the customers. If you also ship your goods internationally with the help of air freight services in Singapore, you must package your goods in a way that they reach their destinations undamaged. In this blog, we are sharing a few tips that will help you prepare your cargo for international shipping.

Make Sure Your Cargos is Stackable

Airlines will not send your cargo alone. They will send many other cargos with your cargo. So, your cargo must be stackable. If you are sending delicate and expensive goods that can be damaged when other cargos are piled on them, you should package them in a way that your cargo should not be affected by the pressure of other cargos.

Go for Double-walled Parcel Boxes

Double-walled parcel boxes will provide more protection to your goods. They will reduce the chances of damages to your goods to a large extent. If you have something fragile in your box, you can paste a slip on the box that the box contains a fragile item that is prone to damage so needs extra care. So, people dealing with your cargo will handle it carefully to protect it from damages. Maybe they will place it on the top of the other cargos.

Quality Internal Packaging

You have a double-walled parcel box does not mean that you can simply put your item in the box and tape the box. Instead, you need to do quality internal packaging to ensure the protection of your goods. You should use packaging peanuts and air cushions for internal packaging. You should cover your goods properly with packaging cushions. Before putting your goods in the box, you should prepare a thick layer of packaging peanuts, then you should put your goods on it and then surround it with packaging peanuts. It will enhance the safety of your goods.

Proper Taping

It is crucial to tape your parcel properly with quality tape. You should tape the edges correctly following the H-taping method. Many people make a mistake here. They take care of all safety measures but use poor-quality tape and the wrong taping method. You must avoid this mistake to weed out the probability of any damages.

Considering these abovementioned tips will enable you to package your goods correctly that will shield them from damages.